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Website for PODIUM bistro&club

To establish a cohesive visual identity, I started the project with the creation of a moodboard, as a foundational reference point for the website's design and overall aesthetic. The website's wireframes and design elements were crafted from scratch in Figma. The design aimed to capture the essence of PÓDIUM Bistro&Club, reflecting its urban and sophisticated atmosphere. The wireframes and design concepts were tranformed into a fully functional website in Webflow. This involved not only the visuals but also the optimization of performance and responsiveness for seamless cross-device access. For dynamic content management and hosting of the restaurant's blog, I integrated a CMS within Webflow. Four distinct forms were seamlessly integrated into the website, facilitating various interactions with visitors. These forms were interconnected with a third-party email marketing service to streamline communication and marketing efforts. To enhance customer convenience, an online table reservation tool was integrated. Google services, including Search Engine, Maps, and Google Tag Manager, were seamlessly integrated to optimize the website's discoverability, navigation, and analytics tracking. The result is a captivating and functional digital presence for PÓDIUM Bistro&Club.

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